Taking a look back - Making The Guardian Eyewitness centre page feature

London Fashion Week. The very mention of this biannual event makes some photographers shudder. It's long days, hard work and a lot of rushing around between the shows which are always crowded. I guess I am a little different as I have always loved it. From the hectic, last minute stresses and tensions backstage, to the moment the lights go up and the music starts to blast and the picture-taking begins - it's one of my favourite events to photograph. 

Four years ago I managed to swing a backstage pass for one of the shows taking place in a light, white walled old dairy building in the heart of London. The designer, Nathan Jenden, had recently left the helm of Diane Von Furstenberg and was branching out on his own. She was there on the front row supporting him.

As I stepped backstage before the show, one of the first sights I saw was a model, with a pose almost like a flamingo, while a team buzzed around her trimming her fluffy pink skirt. What surprised me was how, at this very last minute, not long before the show, the designs themselves were still being altered. I crouched down to take the shot. I really just wanted to capture the detail of the skirt being trimmed and a sea of busy hands swarming around.

To my great delight, this picture was the centre page spread in the Guardian Eyewitness feature the following day. Having a picture feature on those pages was something I had always hoped might one day happen, so it remains a huge career highlight.

Guardian Eyewitness centre spread. 

Guardian Eyewitness centre spread. 

Whether it is a model taking to the catwalk or going behind the scenes backstage - fashion week has all the ingredients to whip together an interesting photo story. It's been great to raid my photo archive and look back at all the pictures I took from the show with fresh eyes.  I can see the ideas I tried, what worked well and what did not. Four years on, I see some images in a different light and some old shots have become new favourites.

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