Chasing sunsets

We took a trip up to Wimbledon Village this weekend and in particular to Cannizaro Park. I've mostly admired this park from inside Cannizaro House hotel. Sitting in The Orangerie restaurant and bar is the perfect spot to drink in the Autumn colours in the park. It's also a great place to enjoy a glass of something nice!

On this occasion we were chasing sunsets. I wanted to get a shot of my husband and daughter with the backdrop of an Autumn sunset, minus the rain and before the temperature hit freezing.

I rarely use flash as I prefer natural light photography but in this case it's needed to avoid my family being shadows against the sunset. With sunsets there is not much time and the light is changing fast so we chose our spot and I got taking the pictures. 

It's fairly tempting at this time of year to stay in tucked up on the sofa in the warmth of home with the TV remote and X Factor! If you have the energy though, there are great opportunities for family photos with the changing weather as a backdrop. I hear snow could be on the way and those are pictures I am really looking forward to taking.

Happy New Year!

Preparing for a new arrival