Babies and the big screen

Plenty of people warned us our social lives would be severely dented when we had a baby. We were however determined to find a balance and still eat out and go to cinema. Luckily, being in Wimbledon and close to Clapham, we have been able to take advantage of baby cinema screenings. Our daughter was around three weeks of when she experienced her first Liam Neeson action film (sound asleep in her bassinet). Her daddy took her to see Godzilla in the first few months and films such as Gone Girl, Chef and Maleficent were to follow. Here are some top picks for baby cinema screenings:

The Big Scream - Picturehouse Cinemas hold Big Scream parent and baby screenings. Our local cinema is the Clapham Picturehouse which shows films on a Sunday and Thursday morning. For £10 per adult (baby is free) you get entry to the film and a tea or coffee. There's often a mix of independent and blockbuster films, going up to certificate 18.

Odeon Newbies - Across the country and in Wimbledon on Wednesdays, Odeon newbies is for babies 0-2. If there are a few of you going you can take advantage of EE Wednesdays (2 for 1 on tickets) and the baby is free. Often showing cartoons and romantic comedies.

Babes in Arms - Olympic Cinema, Barnes - I have heard great things about this parent and baby screening at the stylish Olympic Cinema in Barnes. Screenings are on Tuesday mornings.

Film Club - In addition to baby cinema trips, we decided to set up our own film club with some friends. We aim to meet once a month at our homes for dinner, drinks, popcorn and a movie. We take it in turns suggesting film ideas and make sure we have a good discussion about it afterwards.


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