3 Thrillers & Dramas not to be missed

3 Thrillers & Dramas not to be missed



The last few months have seen some brilliant thrillers and dramas hit our screens and bookshelves. 

There's nothing better than spending the evening or weekend binge-watching a new show, rather than waiting for it to be drip-fed week by week.

Here I am sharing three of my favourites that I have watched, listened to or read over the past few months. 

If thrillers are your thing, you'd be mad not to miss these - enjoy!


TV -  Top of the Lake- China Girl

I was pregnant and exhausted when I binge watched Top of the Lake Season 1 one weekend. I know some people gave up after the first couple of episodes finding it a bit weird. I was almost one of those but stuck with it and loved it.

Season 2 is faster-paced (the epic New Zealand landscape has been swapped with the energetic and vibrant Sydney). China Girl once again follows Elisabeth Moss as a Detective Sergeant as she tries to solve a suspected murder case, whilst also tackling demons from her past and trying to reconnect with her daughter Mary (played by Director Jane Campion's real life daughter).

There are plenty of twists and turns, humour and  award-worthy acting, particularly from Moss and sidekick Gwendoline Christie. I read that Christie loved the first Season so much, she emailed Jane Campion, the director asking for a part in the second season. The bold email move paid off as she was cast as Detective Miranda Hilmarson and puts in a star performance.  

Top of the Lake - China Girl - Available on iPlayer.

*If you're a fan of Elisabeth Moss there's a great podcast here of her talking about Top of the Lake and The Handmaid's Tale.


Books - The Adversary

Picked as a Waterstone's recommended read in July, The Adversary by Emmanuel Carrere is a fascinating and hard to put down true story about the ultimate deception.

Jean-Claude Romand is in prison for murdering his wife, two children and parents in a small town in France. He tries to cover his tracks by setting fire to his family home, is left injured, but makes a recovery.

The author, fascinated by the case, connects with Romand through letters in prison, follows his criminal trial and speaks with his friends. What the author uncovers about Romand is incomprehensible and hard to believe.

Available from Waterstones and Amazon


Podcasts - S-Town

I probably don't listen to enough podcasts and this should really change. Sometimes there's nothing better than putting on your headphones and tuning in to a great interview or series. This one had me gripped from the start.

S-Town tells the story of John B. McLemore who calls into the radio show and tells the host Brian Reed that he might want to investigate a suspected murder in his 'shit-town'. As the series unfolds and the podcast changes directions, we learn a lot more about John, his life and loves. It's shocking, sad, at times funny and captivating as we hear recordings and conversations between the two men and wonder where each episode will take us next.

It also proves how there's more lurking below the surface of relatively anonymous small towns and the hunch by the This American Life team to follow this story and dig deeper paid off.

Available from This American Life and iTunes podcasts.


So now I've finished these (sob), I really need some to watch/read/listen to next. Any suggestions? Let me know in the comments below.

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