Books of the month  - November

Books of the month - November


This is a book for Creatives.

Think you're not creative? Author Danielle Krysa believes we all are and should embrace our inner child.

If you enjoyed drawing as a kid, why not pick up a pencil? Enjoyed playing around with your polaroid as a teenager? Pick up a camera and get exploring. It's never too late.

This book is also for the self-doubters out there.

Maybe you have days where you question yourself, your abilities, feel like you are ‘winging it’ or take an overly critical look at your own work?

Danielle is a successful collage artist, but she was once told by a professor 'You should never paint again'.  Instead this spurred her on and led her onto the path she’s on today.

I think a lot of us have doubtful moments about our work. Are we good enough?  Or maybe we compare ourselves to others doing something similar.

Let's face it, platforms such as Instagram are incredibly inspirational for photographers and artists but also a bit overwhelming sometimes. There is so much GREAT content out there.

Danielle’s book is uplifting, encouraging and full of wise words. I had a lecturer once who didn’t make me feel great about my work. Reading this book reminded me of that but most importantly it's made me realise I must not let it hold me back.

The book also includes a Thirty Day challenge - subjects to get your creative juices flowing when photographing/drawing/writing stories.

Your Inner Critic is a Big Jerk is available here or on Kindle.



Little People, Big Dreams - Audrey Hepburn  by Isabel Sanchez Vegara 


This beautiful hardback book is a short snapshot of the life of Audrey Hepburn so young children can get a flavour.

From tough beginnings to a successful movie career and on to a charity ambassador role for UNICEF, this charts Audrey's life in a short bedtime read.

Our eldest is three and a half and loves this book. It holds her attention, isn't too long and she loves the colourful illustrations.

This is the second we have bought from the series - the Coco Chanel version was read many nights for months!

The Little People, Big Dreams series of books are available here.


I'm on the lookout for good books to read this month. Got any suggestions? I'd love to hear your suggestions in the comments below.

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