Still Life & Food Photography Masterclass - Day 2

Still Life & Food Photography Masterclass - Day 2

Day 2 - In the studio

Back in the studio my bag of produce from Ridley Road Market awaited, ready to be photographed.

A handful of radishes, spring onions and aubergines were joined by a quince from my garden. 

Spotting an H&M home store across the road on Oxford Street, I'd decided to buy a few props. These included a grey dinner plate, grey napkin, mustard-coloured cushion cover and floral paper napkins.

Jonathan Lovekin, our tutor for the weekend, had also provided us with patterned and textured papers to use as backdrops.

During the morning I used the natural window light, using black and white card to adjust how the light fell on the food. 

I switched to artificial light in the afternoon and used a softbox as my light source. I traditionally use natural light in my photography so this was great to try.

Towards the end of the day we chose our favourite pictures to share with the group. Sat around the screen, I was mesmerised by what everyone had shot. So many beautiful pictures and ideas - and all so different. Some shot with a wide aperture almost looked like beautiful paintings.

I had a spring in my step when I headed for home, excited to have been learning and exercising my brain and meeting new people.

So where to from here? I've earmarked our kitchen table, which gets good natural light, as my indoor studio. 

My plan is to try and try some more, experiment with food and still life, get better at it and most of all have fun and enjoy it.



And a peek behind the scenes...

Left: Daylight - it was mainly an overcast day so I used window light for some of the shots before using artificial light (right) later on in the day.

Still Life on the kitchen table

Still Life on the kitchen table

Still Life & Food Photography Masterclass

Still Life & Food Photography Masterclass