Getting started with Hand Lettering

Getting started with Hand Lettering


Fonts and Hand Lettering are a constant fascination to me.

I can be put right off a TV programme if the titles or credits are an odd font. And don't get me started on Comic Sans, it's just the worst!

One of my plans for 2017 was to learn Modern Calligraphy. Actually I couldn't decide between Modern Calligraphy or Brush Lettering so I took an evening class in both.

Modern Calligraphy requires patience and precision. If this is something you want to try, I'd do a class - Quill London is great and Lucy, the founder, has written an excellent book called 'Modern Calligraphy'. From there, armed with your supplies, it's all about practice. 

I found the same with Brush Lettering - whether you are using a paintbrush or brush pens, it's practice, practice, practice, mastering each letter in the alphabet and then learning to form words and sentences. 

Following on from those classes, I'm now trying Hand Lettering.

This is totally new to me but I am loving scouring Pinterest for ideas to try. I also started following Mye De Leon on Instagram. She's an illustrator based in Singapore who creates beautiful work. Her book 'Mastering Hand Lettering' is my favourite on the subject so far. It's beautifully presented and easy to follow.

What I love most about Hand Lettering is getting lost in a little project. I look at my eldest (who is almost 4) and when she does her sticker projects you can see that she is completely engaged in her own little world. 

Getting involved in a new hobby, whether it's painting, calligraphy, hand lettering, collage or something else is a great way of switching off, getting away from the iPhone or computer and taking some time out.

Who knows whether this current project will last a few weeks or years but I figure it's never too late to try something new and have a bit of fun with it!

These are some of the supplies I am using to get started with Hand Lettering:

I decided to put myself out there and start a separate Instagram account just for Hand lettering - it's called @letsgolettering

If you have any tips on pens to use for Hand Lettering or books to read on the subject, let me know in the comments below.


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