Five fantastic Apps for new mums

My phone is swamped full of apps. I have way too many.  Many of these I have read about, looked at once and forgotten. There are a handful however that I wouldn't be without and that helped steer me through those early day of motherhood. Here are my top 5:

Annabel Karmel 

When we first began weaning our baby at six months, I was pretty clueless.  This app is full of recipes and ideas and made me become braver about cooking and experimenting with baby food. Each recipe is illustrated with bright, beautiful pictures and whether I am in my kitchen ready to cook or in the supermarket thinking of ingredients, all the information and recipes are there on my phone. Fantastic.

Baby Feed Timer

This was a lifesaver when I was breastfeeding as I was terrible at remembering which side I had last fed from. This app lets you record which side you are feeding from, it times the feed and then reminds you which side is next. This kept all my notes in one place and allowed me to look back and see how frequent and how long feeding times were.

Camera +

For me, as a photographer, this is an essential app. It's an alternate camera to your smartphone camera but gives you a lot more flexibility. When I don't have my main camera and I just want to take a quick picture on my phone, this is perfect. I can tweak the settings to get the image how I want and export the pictures straight to my camera roll. A brilliant free app.

Local eBay Deals Finder

This clever app, created by the team at allows you to search for items for sale in your area, for collection only. In the past six months we have managed to buy a Babybjorn recliner chair, door bouncer and travel pushchair locally, at bargain prices and in great condition. 

 Cloud Baby Monitor

We got a bit ahead of ourselves and bought a baby monitor months before our baby was born. We then came to use it when she was a few weeks old and it was useless, with loads of interference. Before denting the credit card further we decided to test out the Cloud Baby Monitor App. You need two devices as one acts as the parent unit, the other as the child unit. You also need wifi. If you have both of these, this is an excellent video monitor with a crisp, clear picture. It does the job at a fraction of the price of other monitors on the market.

Perfect Pampering Treats

Reading material (for babies)