Photographing baby's early weeks


When our baby was just a few weeks old we had some wonderful photos taken of the three of us together and our little girl on her own. We were sleep deprived, exhausted but running on adrenalin. I'm sure we woke up on the day of the shoot thinking How are we going to look semi-human for these pictures we will cherish and keep forever? But it was fun and the pictures are so special.


This was all in my mind when I went to photograph my friend's new baby boy. It was a sunny, fresh Spring day and natural light filled their home. A beautiful reupholstered chaise longue in a rich royal blue was the perfect backdrop for some of the shots.


Let's face it , a newborn, family photo shoot is not going be at the top of every new parents list as they struggle to change nappies, feed the baby and get some much needed sleep. Having those pictures as a mum myself and taking them as a photographer for other people made me realise that if you can fit those few hours in and get those newborn family shots, you won't regret it.


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