A special first Birthday

'What happened to the no pink rule?' was my husband's first comment when he saw the pink balloons/bunting/Peppa Pig, not to mention pink dress and tights I had bought for our daughter's first birthday. It's true we used to have a no pink rule when she was born but after one too many 'Isn't he lovely' comments from strangers, we gave up and made her look as girly as possible. After attempting to bake a birthday cake, I gave up (officially retired from baking) and thankfully Alice's Granny came to the rescue with a fantastic Peppa Pig snoozing in bed sponge cake. We celebrated the day with a lunch in Wimbledon Village with the grandparents before heading back for cake and a sing song at home. After hearing Happy Birthday sung numerous times throughout the day, our daughter  knew something was up as she was full of excitement and smiles. She's still busy exploring and playing with her new gifts which include a wooden rocking horse, circus play tent and monkey puppet.



Photographing baby's early weeks

First Birthdays