Baby photo session in Greater London

Baby photo session in Greater London


Photographing little ones at this time of year takes me right back to having a newborn baby myself.

Both of my girls were born in Winter. The weather is bitterly cold, there's threatening snow and cold winds. It's the perfect time to cosy up indoors, safe in the knowledge that the glorious walks through Spring blossom are just around the corner.

The Saturday morning of this particular photo session was freezing cold with lashing rain. I was welcomed into my client's home with a hot cup of tea and introduced to baby Eva, who at just over two months old was so contented, relaxed and full of smiles.

When I arrive at a client's home for a photo session I always scout out the best locations for pictures with good natural night.

In this case an upstairs bedroom and conservatory were the perfect spots, the conservatory in particular welcoming in the daylight from all angles.

I always think around 2 months is a great age to for a family photo session. The hectic first month is behind you and babies are producing their first smiles.

From my own experience, I was a little bit less emotional two months along than in the first 8 weeks of having a baby. I was also in more of a rhythm with feeding.

I look back on photos I took myself of my girls around Eva's age and also images taken by a good photographer friend. I'm so glad we took pictures of this special time as the days whizz by so fast!

Here are a selection of images taken from my latest photo session. 

Katie Collins photos 10.JPG

Cloud mobile (above) by Velveteen Babies

Katie Collins photos 4.JPG

And you can click here for more information on baby photography sessions at your home.

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